So I went to to Amy’s Baking Company… but I couldn’t get inside.

The re-opening was apparently only available via invitation or reservation. Either way they were completely booked.

Things I did see:

  • The place was LOADED with security guards all around. It was a bit frightening.
  • A couple walked outside of it with some paper and a guard chased them to relinquish it and tear it down. (yikes?)
  • Someone with a stereotypical Italian chef costume was promoting a pizzeria jeering ABC with a line similar to “[ENCLOSED PIZZA PLACE] does not hit their employees!’

  • Lots and lots of people sensing an awkward aura around it.
  • Some of the security guards noticed me but they just laughed at how much attention the place was getting.
  • I didn’t see Amy herself, but I did see her husband Samy a bunch of times from afar.

All in all it was kind of scary. Right now I have no idea what kind of things are going on inside the restaurant.

I am sorry if you were expecting a full review from me, but I just couldn’t get access!

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